Your files, always available and always secure on your private cloud.

  • Configurable levels of redundancy
  • Secure, encrypted data transfer & storage
  • Real time notifications, status and reporting
  • Your own datacenters or servers
Pelican provides a private, completely secure and redundant cloud storage solution that can be deployed within your own datacenter and with your own servers. Pelican is a private alternative to Amazon S3 that can support any degree of horizontal scale, and provides extreme durability, security and triple redundancy backup.

Our experts will assess your cloud storage needs and determine the benefits of deploying Pelican within your organization:

Contact us at: 1-888-969-2983

Key Features

Up to 90% Faster Uploads

Pelican transfers files faster by transferring only the changes made to the files instead of the whole file. This can save you up to 90% on your bandwidth and upload speeds.

Complete Customization

There is no limit to the types of servers, locations or amount of replication you can manage with Pelican. Our team will work with you on your custom implementation.

Developer API

Seamlessly integrate Pelican into your existing application or stack using powerful developer tools.